About Us

We at eFatoora are committed to making this world and the environment we live in, a healthier, sustainable and an eco-friendlier place. Our aim is to create a community where “being green” and leading green initiatives become part of our everyday lives. Our core values, which we practice and abide by, are a true translation of our commitment to you, our customers.

Our Goal is to provide our customers with a paperless solution to practice green living in a world where the smallest changes can make a huge difference.

Our Core Values:

  • E – Efficient values
  • F – Focus on Going Green
  • A – Adaptable Technology
  • T – Time for Digital
  • O – Offsetting carbon footprint
  • O – Optimising sustainability
  • R – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • A – Alliance as one

Our Vision:

In an environment where every second we are faced with the repercussions from not looking after the environment we live in, eFatoora stands tall and firm with the mission to promote environmental sustainability, preservation of natural resources and culture of conservation.

In promoting a greener environment, eFatoora aims to engage and educate the community by utilising and developing smart solutions to promote pro-active green living. The eFatoora team embark on this journey by supporting Dubai’s mandate to go paperless by 2021 and aim to give back to society with our initiatives.

Our Mission:

eFatoora is defining the future of true paperless transactions by providing its’ customers with effortless solutions that can assist Dubai to become a world leader in pro-active green living.

By planting just one tree and growing it for 30 years will offset the emissions from driving a car for 310 miles, or taking a flight of around 1,242 miles. The eFatoora promise is to plant new trees as part of our corporate social responsibility.

How it works